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When you snack throughout the day, you are creating bacteria in your mouth that can multiply and cause damage to your teeth.

Most people start out by going to a general dentist until there is a need to be referred to a dental specialist.

Your dental enamel is the white shiny part of your tooth, and the bacteria in your mouth is always looking for a way to infiltrate the enamel.

Taking small children to dental visits encourages them to know that the dentist is their friend and an advocate for healthy teeth.

It is recommended that your teeth be professionally cleaned in our dental office at least twice a year.

If you have lost a tooth, it can be replaced with a dental implant that will look like your original tooth.

Because of the materials that are used in veneers, they will generally last longer than dental bonding.

If you start good dental practices when your children are young, chances are the habit will continue as they get older.

There are whitening gels and topical treatments that can remove existing stains from your teeth at home.

It's no fun to watch your child cry with the pain of a toothache.

Zoom whitening treatments take about an hour and include a special light that cures the teeth to make the process last a long time. Laser dentistry generally makes most procedures less painful for patients.

There are many types of dentures available to people who simply don't want to sit through many other dental procedures.

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A Snap-On Smile looks like real teeth and simply snaps on over your own teeth to give you a straight, bright set of teeth.

03/08/17 09:12:52 PM

Although both dental bonding and Lumineers can be used to improve the appearance of a patients smile, they are both done with different materials and processes.

03/07/17 01:17:38 PM

Brushing and flossing your teeth at home is great, but it cannot remove all of the invisible plaque that accumulates on your teeth.

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